Another Advent with Herbert: The Poems So Far

In Lent 2019 and Advent 2021 I blogged on poems from the Rev’d George Herbert (1593-1633). I did this primarily as my own seasonal discipline, a devotion which might be of interest to others. As it turns out, some of them are – the post on Avarice, for example, has been read some 2138 times this year alone.

I started doing them consecutively, but then I started jumping around, and now I have plum forgot which ones I have done and which I have not.

So, Dear Reader, below is a list of the poems on which I have commented, in the order in which they are found in The Temple. They are hyperlinked to the relevant blog post.

God willing, each day in this Advent 2022 I will reflect daily on the poems I have not already studied. I will not post a poem commentary on Sundays, as that may be filled with a sermon instead. That will still be some twenty-four posts – it is a long season of Advent, four full weeks. I have so far commented on only 59 of the poems of the 162 in The Temple so there is still much more on which to reflect!

If I find the time, I may add a column with the poems in alphabetical order. Then, after Advent 2022, I will add the poems which I have talked about and update the list.

The Dedication
The Church-Porch (Peirirrhanterium)
The Altar
The Sacrifice
The Thanksgiving
The Reprisal
The Agony
Easter Wings (1)
Easter Wings (2)
Affliction (1)
Prayer (1)
The H. Communion
Antiphon (1) Let All The World In Every Corner Sing
Love (1)
Love (2)
The Temper (1)
The Temper (2)
Jordan (1)
Employment (1)
The H. Scriptures I
The H. Scriptures II
Praise (1)
Church Monuments
The Church-floor
The Windows
Trinity Sunday
To all Angels and Saints
The World
Coloss. 3.3
Antiphon (2)
Justice (I)
The British Church
Sin’s Round
The Pilgrimage
Praise (2)
The Call
A Dialogue-Anthem
Love (3)

Poems outside of The Temple

The H. Communion (as found in W)
Trinity Sunday (as found in W)
Poem 18 (Memoriae Matris Sacrum, Greek)

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