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Gender Fluidity in the Bible

What Happens When Queer Theory is Applied to Scripture? A talk given on March 21, 2018 at the Anglican Parish of St. George the Martyr, Cadboro Bay, in the Municipal District of Saanich, a suburb within Greater Victoria, BC, as … Continue reading

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Day Two of An Advent Calendar

Monday, November 28, 2016     Monday after the First Sunday of Advent Is 1.10–20 1 Th 1.1–10 Lk 20.1–8 The text of the readings follows after the comments. Isaiah, as Thomas Merton once said, is the prophet of Advent. So who … Continue reading

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Schism in the Church

It was a difficult time in the congregation. After a period of solid teaching and achievement a split came about – a schism in the community. The schism hearkened back to the holy writings, and a divergence of opinion in … Continue reading

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Doubting Thomas, Diversity, and Nag Hammadi

A JOKE St Peter was at the pearly Gates of Heaven when someone arrived. Peter said, “Now, before I can let you in you just have to answer this simple question. How are we saved?” The newly deceased but eager … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Radical Politics

This is a well thought out essay from the Boston Globe that deserves wide readership. I even quoted it in my Easter sermon. http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/04/01/jesus-radical-politics/txdjkQSMn3BWPBgciEbgZP/story.html

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Verbs in Biblical Hebrew (Really)

There are probably few issues in the church that are less urgent, than how to translate verbs, but the question of how to translate Biblical Hebrew verbs did come up in a recent Bible Study, so here are a few … Continue reading

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The Christmas You Need: Choose from Five

Ah, the Christmas story. We’ve seen it in pageants, in children’s Christmas books, in movies telling the story, narrated in Christmas carols, and parodied by Monty Python and thousands of others. We think we know it. And yet, when we … Continue reading

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