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Text and Claims

Day Three of “Through Advent with Isaiah” What happens when we read? How do we understand a text? We are such a literate culture that we take reading for granted; we really don’t know what it is like to live … Continue reading

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Lenten Readings: Day 14

How To Make It Hard To Understand Romans One of the reasons I wanted to do reflections in Lent on the second reading from the Daily Office Lectionary was because I saw that for most of the season it was … Continue reading

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Doubting Thomas, Diversity, and Nag Hammadi

A JOKE St Peter was at the pearly Gates of Heaven when someone arrived. Peter said, “Now, before I can let you in you just have to answer this simple question. How are we saved?” The newly deceased but eager … Continue reading

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The Christmas You Need: Choose from Five

Ah, the Christmas story. We’ve seen it in pageants, in children’s Christmas books, in movies telling the story, narrated in Christmas carols, and parodied by Monty Python and thousands of others. We think we know it. And yet, when we … Continue reading

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What is the Meaning of this Text? (Part of A Study on the Servant Songs of Isaiah, Session Two)

“What is the meaning of this passage?” There have been many ways of answering this question. Indeed, there is a whole science called Hermeneutics that looks at how to interpret things (check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermeneutics). Anglo-American Analytical philosophy is entirely about … Continue reading

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