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Paul Was Not A Convert

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Conversion of Paul, celebrated in the Anglican Communion, the Lutheran/evangelische churches, and the Roman Catholic Church. The eucharistic readings for the feast vary, but in the Church of England is read the “Road to … Continue reading

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When I Pray

Prayer is fundamentally not about changing God’s mind, but about changing ours. It’s not as if we can change God’s mind, because talking about God having a “mind” is a rather anthropomorphic projection of how we think God works. Granted, … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me: PIE & Proto-Greek

Before Mycenean Greek, what did the Greeks speak? And how can we tell, given that no written or recorded evidence exists? In 1786 William Jones, an British judge from Wales serving at Calcutta in Bengal, presented a paper to the … Continue reading

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The Territorial Expansion of Modern Greece

I recently finished A Concise History of Greece, Third Edition by Richard Clogg (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013). Clogg is a now a retired professor of modern Greek history, but previously lectured in London and Oxford. The book is just … Continue reading

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Water Into Wine: The Miracle of Generosity

A sermon preached on The Third Sunday of the Epiphany at St. Thomas, Kefalas, Crete,  11:00 am January 20, 2019. Mla the Crow and Athanasius the Alpaca were making their way to St. Thomas’s Church in Kefalas, when Mla asked, … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name: The Latest Political Crisis in Greece

While much of the English speaking world has been focused on revelations of a criminal nature in Washington, and the failure of the May plan for Brexit in the UK, the Greeks are all bothered with a unique crisis: what … Continue reading

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It’s All Greek To Me: Byzantine Greek

In my previous posts on the history of the Greek language I talked about Mycenean Greek – the language that Greek speaking peoples spoke in the 2nd Millenium BCE – and three types of Ancient Greek, namely Homeric, Classical, and … Continue reading

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