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Notes on the Canadians Buried at Suda Bay Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery

Among the over 1700 graves at the Suda Bay Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery there are five Canadians. All five were airmen. While the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army functioned as discrete units in operations during the Second World … Continue reading

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The Territorial Expansion of Modern Greece

I recently finished A Concise History of Greece, Third Edition by Richard Clogg (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013). Clogg is a now a retired professor of modern Greek history, but previously lectured in London and Oxford. The book is just … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name: The Latest Political Crisis in Greece

While much of the English speaking world has been focused on revelations of a criminal nature in Washington, and the failure of the May plan for Brexit in the UK, the Greeks are all bothered with a unique crisis: what … Continue reading

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