Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917 – Easter Monday

My grandfather, Beverley Scott, was part of the McGill Battery, Siege Artillery in the latter half of the Great War. He was at Vimy Ridge, and these are two pages from his diary. Click on the pictures to bring up a readable, full-size image.

The #7 (McGill) Siege Battery, in the Artillery of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) was formed April 25, 1916 16 from graduates and undergraduates of McGill University; Bev Scott was one of the latter.

Scan 1Scan 2 Scan 3I visited Vimy Ridge in 1982. It was a very peaceful place, with a glorious monument. What struck me the most was how close the trenches were to each other.

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4 Responses to Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917 – Easter Monday

  1. I have written an article for Esprit De Corps Military Magazine on the 7th McGill Siege Battery (available online) called The Majillses go to War. Am working on a book proposal at the moment. There seems to be only four pages of the Beverly Scott Diary on this site. Am wondering whether there are more that you might be able to send over digitally. I have also found several pictures of the 7th in the McGill Archives and National Archives. Will look for any of Beverly Scott. Name sounds very familiar.

    • Bruce Bryant-Scott says:

      Yes, I have the whole diary!

      • Sherry-Lynne MacWilliams says:

        Hello to both Bruce and Robert!
        I was fascinated to read the four pages of the diary,Bruce; and like Robert, would like to read more! My great Uncle Jack, ( John Andrew French) served with your Grandfather in the 7th Siege Battery. I was very close to my Uncle and heard his many stories. I have his Battery Association book, pictures of the battery before war and reunion pictures. I am in the process of writing a family record for my children to this very interesting past, and appreciate anything that you have posted that adds to this knowledge.

  2. peter pennington says:

    Hi. I am the son in law of a member of the unit, John “Donald” Beattie originally from Montreal but latterly of Hawick and then Edinburgh in Scotland. I would like to get in touch with anyone who can give me more info but i have also featured the unit in my book “A white angel” isbn 978-0-9542057-1-3 with pictures, if anyone interested. I live in England.

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